BB1600-HT Variable Speed Drive, Line Boring Set

Power Feed Drive Head


Two range Milwaukee drive motor completely variable speed in two ranges.

250 RPM top speed in low range and 500 RPM top speed in  high range. 

The low  range gives you torque for larger bores and roughing cuts. High range gives you speed for finishing cuts with carbide tooling. This set has a boring range of 1-7/8 to 8+ inches, and drive head has an 11 inch travel.

Complete Set to Start Boring


Set includes power feed drive head plus 3 and 6 foot long 1-1/2 diameter bars, fixed and adjustable x-y bearing mounts,setup cones, setup fixture,drive head  mount,  extended tool holders, setup hardware, cutting bits, boring bar coupler , and setup manual as shown in photos.

Boring Cutters

Carbide and HSS  boring cutters

This set comes with a selection of cutting tools. Included are a HSS bit  several lengths and geometries of brazed carbide bits, and 2 geometries and lengths of Carbide insert bits.   All cutters are available separately for your individual jobs.  Our carbide bits are designed and manufactured for boring, not a converted lathe tool.

Carbide Tools


Our cutters are sharpened for boring, to provide freer cutting, using less power to turn and better chip removal compared to a converted lathe bit. And  made in USA. Cutter bit shown in photo is our heavy duty brazed tool, with larger and thicker carbide. Thicker carbide blank  adds strength against chipping, and larger size means more material for additional resharpening.



The BB1600-HT set sells for $5995.00 plus $200.00 flat rate UPS shipping

Made in USA


These are the component parts of the BB1600 set that are manufactured in our facility. Set includes everything shown. All our sets are made in our facility in Pennsylvania using as much US content as possible.

Universal Mounting Components

Flexible Mounting


Large selection of bearing mounting components to allow universal mounting.

Various Configurations


Mix and match different brackets and standoffs.

Very Adjustable


Bolt together components allow unlimited configurations.

Weld on bolts.


By using weld on jack bolts in standoffs you can adjust alignment.

Centering cone and clamp sleeve


Using centering cones and screw type clamp sleeve you can hold your bar firmly in place while you mount your bearings.

Strut Bar Set


Bolt on strut bars can be used to hold bearings firmly from another axis.

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