BB1500-SP Starter Line Boring Machine Set



This is our starter set, it includes a basic set of components to do line boring.  Available as a manual feed set, BB1500-S or Power feed set BB1500-SP.  Both versions come with our BB1500 single range variable speed drive head. Include a 3 foot  and 6 foot long 1-1/2 inch diameter boring bars, 2 fixed bearing assemblies, drive head mount,set up cones and fixtures, setup hardware kit, cutter bit set, and manual.



BB1500-S set will do from 1-7/8 to 5 inch diameter bores. Drive head has 7-1/2 inch stroke. Variable speed Milwaukee drive motor.

Simple Setup


These are quality built machines that are easy to set up  and get repairing your bores.  Feed on the manual set is by turning the hand wheel on the end of the leadscrew. Power feed set can also be run as manual feed but removing the power feed unit, a less than one minute task.



Set includes HSS, brazed carbide and carbide insert type tools to get started.

Set also includes a measuring bar set and a digital caliper.

BB1500-S or SP set


BB1500-s manual feed set sells for $3795.00 plus $150.00 UPS shipping

BB1500-SP power feed set sells for $4495.00 plus $150 UPS shipping.

Made in USA


 Proudly designed and manufactured in USA