BB1200-EXP 1.5 to 8+ inch diameter Portable Line Boring Set

Power Feed Drive Head


Our BB1500 drive head uses a single range Variable speed Milwaukee drive motor. Top speed is 350 RPM variable speed adjustable to slower speeds. This head has a 7-1/2 inch stroke with power feed.

Our Largest Set.


This set will handle bores from 1-3/4 to 8+ inches. Includes power feed drive head, 3 and 6 foot long bars in both 1 inch and 1-1/2 inch diameter, fixed and adjustable bearing mounts, bar couplers, setup cones and fixtures,extended tool holders,drive head mount, setup hardware, cutter bits,strut bar set,  and manual.

Wide Range of components.


 This photo shows only the components for the 1-1/2 diameter bars.  But  set also includes 1 inch diameter bars and components. 1 inch bars are broached with 3/8 square holes,  1-1/2 inch bars are broached 1/2 square.

Cutting bits also included.


Included in set are HSS, &brazed carbide cutters for the 1 inch bar, these are 3/8 inch square. Also HSS, brazed carbide, and carbide insert cutters for 1-1/2 bar. These are 1/2 inch square. Shown in photo are the carbide insert cutters.

BB1200-EXP Set


BB1200-EXP Portable Line Boring SET SELLS FOR $5995.00 Plus $300.00 flat rate shipping.

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Proudly made in USA


Photo shows components of the BB1200-EXP set that are manufactured at our facility. Not shown in the photo but manufactured here and included in the set are the 4 boring bars. Manufactured in Pennsylvania using as many domestic components as possible.